And Soon After Bohr Arrived, The Word Was Out.

Suburban businessman Gary Rabine, left, in March; State Sen. Darren Bailey, R-Xenia, center; former state Sen. Paul Schimpf, right. Paul Schimpf, right. “While Jesse Sullivan has been partnered with Silicon Valley elites, I have been creating jobs for working families right here in Illinois. ... Republican voters know I am the candidate best able to end the war on families in Illinois.” State Sen. Darren Bailey of downstate Xenia, issued a similar statement, saying Illinois needs a governor who understands the “Heartland,” someone who’s “made a life here and shares our values.” “Our so-called ‘elites’ and their big checkbooks have had their run of things for too long,” Bailey’ said. “We think it’s time the regular folks in this state have their say. Illinois has more promise and is more conservative than San Francisco, so I welcome him back to our great state and into the race.” Former state Sen. Paul Schimpf of downstate Waterloo offered click to investigate a more sincere welcome, saying in a statement “another robust campaign spreading the message that J.B. Pritzker is undeserving of reelection is good news for the Illinois Republican Party.” Suburban businessman kicks off GOP bid for governor emulating Trump, hoping to be as effective ‘a leader in Illinois’ Rabine, Schimpf and Bailey all entered the race in February or March.

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black and white photograph of Edwin Hubble looking into a telescope As Science News reported in 1994 , “Such behavior is a dead giveaway that the visible disk of these galaxies lies embedded in a much larger and more massive halo of unseen material.” Astronomer Vera Rubin (shown) and colleagues confirmed that the outer stars in many galaxies were moving faster than expected, a sure sign of some kind of dark matter.AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archives, Rubin Collection While the realization that most of the universe’s matter couldn’t be seen was surprising enough, an even greater surprise came when several lines of evidence affirmed that the dark matter could not be of the same type of matter known on Earth, composed primarily of protons and neutrons. Dark matter’s actual identity remains a mystery to this day; physicists have proposed some well-motivated possibilities, but the prospect remains that dark matter’s true nature will also come as a surprise. From the time of the discovery of radioactivity, physicists had speculated on the hidden energy packed into every piece of matter. And after Einstein published his famous equation E = mc2, it was clear that the amount of that energy would be enormous. But most experts doubted there would be any practical way to release such energy for useful purposes, or warfare weaponry. But in late 1938, chemists Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann found that experiments bombarding uranium with neutrons produced evidence of the much lighter element barium. Lise Meitner (who had collaborated with Hahn before fleeing Nazi Germany) and her nephew Otto Frisch figured out what had happened — the uranium nucleus had been split into pieces. Frisch immediately told Niels Bohr, about to board a ship for America. And soon after Bohr arrived, the word was out. “ Atomic energy released” headlined a Science News Letter cover story in early 1939, while reassuring its readers that “physicists are anxious that there be no public alarm over the possibility of the world being blown to bits by their experiments.” In 1945, the United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima (left) and Nagasaki (right).

"Maybe I'm half animal." Noor believes ivermectin helped him recover, but there is no evidence the anti-parasitic works against COVID-19. The use of veterinary ivermectin started in South Africa when the second wave of the pandemic hit at the end of last year. Since then, officials and scientists have repeatedly warned that there is no reliable scientific evidence showing that the drug works against COVID-19. Back in December, the government even banned the importation of ivermectin. But civil society groups, led in some cases by high-profile doctors, took the government to court and regulators eventually relented , allowing the importation of ivermectin and crafting a "compassionate use program" that allows South African doctors to prescribe the drug in very limited circumstances. Now the human form of the drug — in tablets and suspension — is being imported and sold out of the back of cars, at pharmacies and at doctors' offices. In some cases, it is being handed out for free.

Sinema’s standing with Democrats has suffered as she takes fire for defending the Senate filibuster as a guardrail of democracy. About 56 percent of Democrats in the state viewed Ms. Sinema favorably, compared with 80 percent for Senator Mark Kelly, a fellow Democrat, according to a September poll from OH Predictive Insights , a Phoenix political research firm. In the sprawling valley east of Phoenix, Augie Gastélum, an independent voter who once considered Ms. Sinema too liberal, said he believed in her positions on bipartisan cooperation. He worried that scrapping the filibuster would provoke an arms race of increasingly extreme laws and further tear apart a divided country. But his support for incremental change is now being strained because he longs to see immigration reform. Mr. Gastélum, 40, who is from Mexico, became a citizen last year after decades of living undocumented. Augie Gastélum outside his office in downtown Mesa, Ariz. Mr.