Photo / Supplied Police Were Making Follow-up Inquiries, A Spokesperson Said.


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The law includes provisions for statewide building codes to improve efficiency and begin electrification of heating. Illinois drivers can get a $4,000 rebate if they buy an electric car, with the state goal of reaching a million electric vehicles on Illinois roads by 2030. Still, that’s a long way from being carbon-neutral in a state with close to 13 million residents, but the bill’s backers say Illinois will take more action on other aspects of the climate fight, such as transportation, in the near future. “Cars cause the majority of pollution in our area, so these are things we’re going to be addressing over the next three to four years,” said Democratic state Sen. Michael Hastings, a sponsor of the bill. Illinois is also a major source of coal, most of which is shipped elsewhere to be burned. That will continue for the time being, as the law does not contain any new restrictions on coal mining. The tension between greening one’s own home and exporting fossil fuels is a growing concern for environmentalists, but Illinoisans say the sources of climate pollution not included in the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act will be taken on eventually.

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Georgina Campbell Photo / Supplied A continue reading this Wellington woman feels "extraordinarily lucky" to be able to attend her daughter's wedding today - the day after her family's car was hit and dragged by a truck down State Highway 2. Emergency services were called to reports of a crash between a truck and a car between Ngauranga and Petone at 11.30am yesterday. Claire, who only wanted to be identified by her first name, was in the car with her husband and son. She told the Herald she thought she was going to have to watch them die. The trio were coming back from Wellington to Lower Hutt after attending a rehearsal for the wedding. Their daughter was following in another car behind them. "So she saw the truck and the smoke pouring out because we were sideways and our tyres were being dragged sideways", Claire said. Emergency services were called to the scene about 11.30am yesterday. Photo / Supplied Police were making follow-up inquiries, a spokesperson said. Claire said the truck clipped the rear of the car, causing it to abruptly turn sideways, putting it in front of the truck.

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