Texas's Border With Mexico Was Known As The Backdoor Of The Confederacy 1, 2014 Through August 31, 2015.

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Click here to subscribe for full access. Just $5 a month. The rebooting of the Quad security arrangement, which includes the U.S. and Australia, along with India and Japan, has enhanced Chinese engagement policies in the Pacific Islands , long seen as Australia and New Zealand’s sphere of interest. Now the AUKUS announcement has underscored the problems that lie ahead. New Zealand will continue to try to strike a balance between Beijing and Washington even as new security clusters continue to manifest. New Zealand remains part of the venerable “Five Eyes” intelligence-sharing agreement, along with the AUKUS states and Canada, and has joined many other governments in condemning Beijing’s crackdown in Hong Kong and human rights abuses in Xinjiang, as well as expressing concern over Chinese activities in the South China Sea, including via a joint statement between Ardern and her counterpart in Canberra, Scott Morrison, in May this year. However, Wellington has been comparatively more wary of taking a harder stance against Beijing, and has recently been seen as an outlier in the Five Eyes quintet with regard to China policy.


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The vote was 412 yeas to 9 nays. Voting yes: Hagedorn, Craig, Phillips, McCollum, Omar, Emmer, Fischbach, Stauber The House on Sept. 28 passed the Libya Stabilization Act (H.R. 1228), to impose sanctions on foreigners believed to have destabilized Libya and require federal agencies to commit resources on behalf of peace discover more here and democracy in Libya. The vote was 386 yeas to 35 nays. Voting yes: Hagedorn, Craig, Phillips, McCollum, Omar, Emmer, Fischbach, Stauber The House on Sept. 29 rejected the District of Columbia Chief Financial Officer Salary Home Rule Act (H.R. 1204), sponsored by Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C., to allow the government of Washington, D.C., to set the level of pay for its chief financial officer.



New Zealand’s Ministry of ForeignAffairs and Trade position acknowledged that noscientifically sound data or risk assessment has taken placebut did not support a “strong” precautionary principletoward synthetic biology organisms and gene drives. TheMinistry’s position reflects the more commercial viewsthat risks and scientific uncertainty should not precludeclaimed benefits of environmental release.[1] “Ecologists are adding their voices to otherconcerns of civil society and indigenous peoples that demandcaution on synthetic biology organisms. New Zealand is wrongto allow commercial pressures to compromise biosafety at aglobal scale,” said Jon Carapiet, GE-Free NZspokesman. “New Zealand should stop obstructing andsupport the consideration of Synthetic Biology and genedrives, as a new and emerging issue by the internationalcommunity at the next Convention on Biodiversitymeeting.” The IUCN meeting also acknowledged thatprecautionary principle must inform decision-making bodies,given “significant data and knowledge gaps about syntheticbiology (including genetic engineering and engineered genedrives), and on their ecological, ethical, social, andcultural impacts.” This precaution goes against theMinistry of the Environment briefing to the Minister sayingthat the stringency of the Hazardous Substances and NewOrganisms Act (HSNO) means we are “missing out” on“…future opportunities”—implying GE and Syn-Biotechniques. “The rush to embrace synthetic GEtechnologies shows that MfE are willing to overlook thedangers that come with these technologies. Thesetechnologies have the potential to unleash serious ecosystemcollapse and have unknown persistent dangers,” said ClaireBleakley, GE-Free NZ president. “That is why it is aglobal concern. Synthetic biology, including gene drives andgene editing is outpacing the ability of society tounderstand the technology. The new technologies are neitherproperly understood nor tested.” Recent studies areraising concern among scientists over the serious unintendedconsequences of transgenic and all types of Genetic Editingtechniques.

https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/SC2110/S00006/new-zealand-must-not-block-global-consultation-of-synthetic-biology.htm [Cars]

[Related: After a few hiccups, NASA’s Perseverance begins its main missions on Mars ] “What we have done in our work is to sort of test that assumption and see, are the catastrophic floods isolated, one-off events, or are they globally important?” Goudge says.  He and his team consulted a map of Martian valleys and determined which ones were created by gradual erosion and which had been fed by crater lakes. The researchers next drew upon elevation data collected by NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft to determine the valleys’ depth.  From this information, the team calculated that canyons associated with burst crater lakes added up to a mere 3 percent of the total length of Martian valleys, but accounted for 24 percent of their volume. These channels had been cut deeply into the landscape, with a middle value of 170.5 meters (559.4 feet), more than twice that of the river valleys that formed through gradual erosion. Goudge and his colleagues estimated that the ancient floods had carved out around 14,000 cubic kilometers (3,358.8 cubic miles) of sediment—enough to fill up Lake Superior and Lake Ontario with a little bit left over, he says. On Earth, influxes of water from melting ice sheets have sometimes caused glacial lakes to overflow and unleash powerful floods, creating landforms like the Channeled Scablands in Washington State. However, Earth’s ever-busy plate tectonics have destroyed many of the impact craters that might otherwise have formed lakes. Mars doesn’t have plate tectonics, so its craters “just sit around,” Goudge says. “On Earth, these lake breached floods are important during certain time periods, especially these periods of transition,” he says. “What we think for Mars is that they were always important.” [Related: ‘Robot swarms’ could one day build underground shelters for humans on Mars ] Understanding the Red Planet’s water and climate history is key to figuring out whether it might once have harbored conditions suitable for life. In the future, Goudge and his colleagues plan to investigate which of the floods from breached crater lakes may have been powerful enough to alter the topography of neighboring river valley networks—something that wouldn’t happen much on Earth.  “Comparing the average Martian valley system to the average terrestrial valley system might be more of an apples-to-oranges comparison than we previously thought,” he says. “We need to take into account the unique complexities of Martian topography in order to best understand past environments.”